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January 2018


About the Young Professionals Council

The Young Professionals Council, a Council of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, connects ambitious, visionary young people with a strong, diverse network of peers, mentors, and regional business and civic leaders.

With more than 1,500 young leaders working in diverse industries and environments throughout Greater Philadelphia, The Chamber’s YPC is the resource for young professionals in our region. We build ties that help further individual careers, forge friendships, encourage collaboration, empower volunteerism, foster upcoming leaders, and strengthen our Greater Philadelphia business community.

About the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia

The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia brings area businesses and civic leaders together to promote growth and create opportunity in our region.
Our members represent eleven counties, three states, and roughly 600,000 employees from thousands of member companies and organizations. And by bringing all kinds of businesses and leaders to the table—the new, the established, the big, the small, the growing, the thriving, the perennial, the innovative, and the experimental—we build community and find commonalities among us all.

We advocate for regional development, business-friendly public policies, and economic prosperity. We support our members with practical, inspiring programs, resources, and events. And all that we do serves one clear, bold goal: to make Greater Philadelphia a great place for good business.

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